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Welcome to Vertipedia!

Welcome to Vertipedia! This is a wiki dedicated to providing information on Vertineer. On Vertipedia we provide info for our users to know about. We provide info on items, users, and more! Join now by clicking the edit button!

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What's Vertineer

Vertineer is a website that does not exist anymore.

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    Naming your files

    February 19, 2018 by Vertipedia Blog

    Welcome. This blog post will show you our recommended way of naming your files. Here is ours recommended way of naming your files.

    We recommend you name your file like ".png". We recommend PNG because it lets you have the image transparent.

    For exampl…

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Wiki/Vertineer News

17 April 2018: vertineer died...

6 March 2018: Vertineer is back up!

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